Actionable Information

Baby Scholars

Between the ages of 5 months and 5 years, young children are primed to learn, and parents are their first teachers. Baby Scholars equips parents with tools for early learning, so their children start kindergarten on track and ready to succeed.

Success Starts Early

Your children deserve to achieve their full potential, and you deserve the tools to help them get there. Baby Scholars is a set of educational programs designed to help you become the best teacher you can be. Get the skills you need to help your babies grow smarter. Success starts right now.

Whether your child has been growing for 5 months or 5 years, becoming a better teacher is as easy as signing up for a Baby Scholars session. Families work with trained coaches one day each week. You choose which day and time works best for your family.

Empowering Parents to Help their Young Children Grow Smarter

In partnership with Believe 2 Become, the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), recently published a Winning Strategies brief, Empowering Parents to Help their Young Children Grow Smarter highlighting B2B’s effective parent engagement model as well as best practices programs used to strengthen parent empowerment and engagement.

Download and read the full brief.

Expert Resources

Baby Scholars is based on the research and evidence of Dr. Susan Landry, a nationally recognized expert in parenting and early childhood education.

Dr. Landry is the founder and director of the Children’s Learning Institute at University of Texas Health Science Center. A look into environmental factors that promote early cognitive growth and development led to her development of the framework for the Center for Improving the Readiness of Children for Learning and Education (CIRCLE), which led to the implementation of the Texas Early Education Model (TEEM) in pre-kindergarten classrooms across Texas, as well as the PALS program.

Dr. Landry’s research programs have generated a large research database on early childhood. More than 70 peer-reviewed publications and over a dozen chapters describe the findings of these research studies. She is currently involved in using the knowledge gained from years of studying young children to help promote the national goals of early childhood literacy initiatives.

Important Insights

In the first five years of life, the human brain is primed to learn. Every interaction has the capacity to create new neural pathways, laying the foundation for future academic success. Parents who master the proven techniques taught in Baby Scholars are equipped to help their babies grow smarter, so when they reach kindergarten they will be better prepared to learn along with their peers.

Since 2010, Believe 2 Become Baby Scholars has provided actionable information and innovative learning opportunities to thousands of young children and their families, producing 5,200 proud graduates.