Expanded Access

Opportunity Line

A combination of informed advocates and responsive community supports can help families overcome systemic barriers to their child's success in school, work, and life.

The Right to Learn

Call today!Your child has the right to learn. When you and other parents need help navigating complex educational systems on behalf of your children, one call to the Opportunity Line connects you with a concerned advocate who wants to help. Opportunity Line staff and volunteers believe your child, like all children, has unlimited potential to succeed in school, that all parents want what is best for their children, and that good solutions always exist.

When you have questions:

  • how can I advocate effectively for my child?
  • how can I get support when my child is suspended?
  • is my child on track to graduate?
  • what can I do to help my child get back on track?
  • how can I connect with helpful services?
  • how do I navigate the IEP process at school?
  • how can I participate in school reform activities?

If your child is:

  • worried about school and needing additional help?
  • struggling with suspensions?
  • wrestling with the IEP process at school?

If you are:

  • wanting to advocate for your child?
  • seeking information about educational resources?
  • needing help navigating the school system?

We promise when you call:

  • you will be assured that you are not alone in helping your child achieve their fullest potential
  • you will talk to someone who believes that you value education
  • you will be treated with respect


Some barriers to a child’s success in school are rooted in systems that parents alone cannot change.

When parents confront systemic barriers, they may need the assistance of trained professionals to advocate for their child.

When families, advocates, and schools work together to identify and implement children-first solutions that preserve learning time and protect academic goals, both students and schools benefit.

Expert Resources

  • Strategic framework: Chaná Edmond-Verley, Believe 2 Become
  • Implementation: Lamont Cole, Grand Rapids Urban League