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Parent Engagement

When parents are involved, engaged, and empowered to advocate for their child’s education, their participation leads to greater student achievement and more successful futures.

Your Child’s Education

Research shows that the more you take proactive steps to become involved at your child’s school, the more your child will achieve.

Of course all families want their children to succeed in school and life. When families have to juggle busy schedules and multiple jobs, their participation is especially valuable, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Whatever you can do to help your child succeed benefits the school’s performance as well.

Important Insights

Opportunities for ParentsParent Teacher Community Council
Believe 2 Become partnered with Grand Rapids Public Schools to co-design Parent Teacher Community Councils (PTCCs), systemic structures that provides expanded access for parent and community engagement that result in school improvement. As the advisory team for parent and community engagement activities at an individual school, the PTCC provides the structure, access, and opportunity for meaningful parental and community involvement.

Each PTCC is a group of parents, teachers, and community partners who meet monthly to discuss and plan parent meetings and school events. PTCCs may also develop plans to help increase academic scores, increase awareness of district and school goals, and advocate for implementation of community priorities.

Research shows that when public schools and the local community work together, everyone benefits. Engaging community businesses, faith-based organizations and neighborhood agencies with neighborhood schools improves the whole community. Partners can be invited to serve on the PTCC, volunteer in the school, provide incentives or sponsor events.

Parents who become PTCC members receive leadership training and opportunities to invite other parents to join in important school discussions and decisions. Together parents, teachers and community partners are transforming schools, improving perceptions, affecting academic scores and reducing chronic absenteeism. To join or support a Grand Rapids Public Schools PTCC, check here.

Parent University
Conceived and co-designed to help parents become confident advocates of their children’s success, Parent University offers online and in-person courses, helpful resources, and volunteer opportunities. Online courses in English and Spanish are available to all parents via a smart phone, mobile device, or computer. Through Parent University, thousands of parents have taken classes in the community, at schools, and online.

Register today to become a Power Parent and start taking online courses immediately.

Expert Resources

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  • School strategy and implementation: Mel Atkins II, Grand Rapids Public Schools