Future Opportunities

Summer Learning Academies

All kids are born with unlimited potential, and all deserve high expectations and real opportunities. Summer Learning Academies are designed to help more students achieve their full potential.

Make Summer Matter

Thank you for your interest in B2B Summer Learning Academies! Programming has ended for this summer. Please check back here for updates on summer programming for 2020. That information is typically updated in March of each year.

Summer Learning Fun!

Why Summer Learning?

You have mad potential! You were born with it. So how can you develop that potential, and become an achiever? Believe in yourself. Believing in your power to make positive choices for your life. Expect a lot of yourself. Set big goals, and work hard to achieve them. Seize every good opportunity that comes your way.

Important Insights

During summer months, many students lose more than two months in academic achievement. Over time, this “summer learning loss” adds up, and results in lower graduation rates.

As a set of research-based educational, enrichment and work experiences designed to stop summer learning loss, Summer Learning Academies combine fun academic enrichment endeavors, activities designed to foster success mindsets and behaviors, campus visits, and work experiences.

In Summer Learning Academies, students gain measurable weeks of learning by improving math skills, reading books, performing music, taking field trips, designing publications, and more.

Since 2010, Believe 2 Become Summer Learning Academies have provided innovative learning opportunities to thousands of young children and their families, serving over 8,000 local youth.