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Helping Children and Families Succeed

Born in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Believe 2 Become officially launched in 2011. Its movement was fueled by the leadership of parents, families, and community neighbors who believed in themselves to be the main advocates for their children’s success.

Believe 2 Become became an asset shared and valued by dozens of community partners, stakeholders, and families in Greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

Among the outcomes of the initiative was the creation of Parent University in partnership with Grand Rapids Public Schools. The website is designed to offer resources and tools that help guide parents on the academic journey of their children from elementary to high school graduation.

While early elementary school grades are indicators of future academic success in children, research shows that what children learn as infants—five months to five years of age—is vital in helping them to be prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

Baby Scholars

Baby Scholars is an educational program designed to help parents help their children reach their full potential. Baby Scholars gives parents of children five months to five years the tools they need to help their babies grow smarter and to equip their children for kindergarten. The program focuses on helping parents become the best teachers they can be, so their children can succeed in school and in life.

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