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Successful Futures

come from helping more young people achieve their potential, propelled by high expectations and real opportunities from a supportive community.

Leading Together

Established in 2010 as a multi-year, multi-million-dollar education initiative, Believe 2 Become taps the wisdom of community, the power of agency,  and the rigor of data to unleash the unlimited potential of students, families, school, and community in Greater Grand Rapids.

Measurable Results

Since 2010, Believe 2 Become partners have offered innovative early childhood, summer learning, and parent engagement opportunities in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Community Partners

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Institute for Learning beings working with GRPS educators to influence classroom teaching and learning with research-based practices. 2007-08
The “I Believe I Become rallying cry is born, along with the Believe 2 Become identity. 2009
Believe 2 Become launches Summer Learning Academy 2010
Baby Scholars recruits its first families 2011
Community engagement deepens the strategy to include school-based parent meetings in the Hope Zones 2012
B2B and GRPS team up to launch the first Parent University in Michigan 2013
GRPS increases efforts to reduce chronic absenteeism with Challenge 5, a district-wide attendance challenge 2014
Project LIFT teams with Summer Learning Academy to share student success data with GRPS parents 2015
Imagine U helps youth develop what they will need for successful futures in the 21st century 2016
The Imagine More campaign launches with its eye focused on the successful futures of young people and their families in West Michigan 2017